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What to Say In Your Video Resume

What to Say In Your Video Resume

What to Say In Your Video Resume

You have probably heard of a video resume by now. The world is going increasingly digital every day, and if you are looking for that perfect job, this may be the exact way to find it! A video resume will help your potential employer get more of a feel for you and your background. It will also be more personal than a traditional resume, allowing you to make your piece unique and help you stand out.

That’s why we are here! Here are our biggest tips for crafting the perfect video resume.

Tell a Story

Your video resume should showcase not only you as you are today, but your background, too. You want to show that hiring manager why you are the best fit for the position. If you are unsure about your skills, think about what you have done in the past. If you already have a traditional resume, look at it and highlight the items that would be great to talk about for your future career. What have you learned from these past positions? What are you excited to bring from past jobs to your future career?

Don’t Make It Too Long

You’ve probably been told not to make your resume too long. The same goes for a video resume. The hiring manager doesn’t have all day. Try to make your video no longer than 60-90 seconds. Make sure that you read your video resume aloud and time it prior to actually saying it on camera. This will not only help give you confidence, but it will also allow you to know if you should be adding or taking material away from your script.

Be Specific

One of the worst things a hiring manager wants to hear is a bunch of words that have no meaning. Is your goal simply to say you are detail oriented and work hard? Give an example of these skills in a past job and how this proves you are more detail-oriented than other potential candidates. By doing this, you are able to point out something from your background that makes you more qualified for the job and show the potential employer how you have this characteristic as well. Adding in why you want to work in the specific job posting can be a great way to get their attention, too. This will make them know you fully read the description and are specifically talking to them because you truly want that job.

Have a Conclusion

Just like any blog or any movie, your video resume should include a conclusion that has a call-to-action. Specifically, say what you are looking for and how you can work with them. Don’t simply say, “I look forward to hearing from you.” Instead, state your LinkedIn profile and refer them over there; you could also state a future goal and explain how that ties into hopefully working with them. These small words at the end can really show that you are serious about that job and ready to work with them further.

There’s no doubt that video resumes can be so beneficial during your job hunt. If you want to learn more about video resumes or craft one for yourself, get started with LiveResuMe! today!