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Tips for Creating a Video Resume

Tips for Creating a Video Resume

Tips for Creating a Video Resume

If you are looking to learn how to prepare a video resume, there are some key things you need to keep in mind before you dive in. Although a video resume can be very helpful in assisting you in getting the job, it also needs to be done correctly. Here, we’ll explain some great tips for how to create a video resume that are sure to help you land the perfect job!

Write a Script Beforehand

Writing a script will help you in multiple ways. Firstly, it ensures that your video is not too long (or too short). Ideally, you want your video resume to be between 30-90 seconds. By having a script, you can practice it prior to filming to make sure you are in that time frame. A script will also help you to know exactly what to say and be confident while talking to the camera. You don’t want to be stuttering over your words and feeling unsure of what to say next. Make an outline, then write the script, practice the script, and you’re ready to say it in front of the camera!

Use Good Lighting

Good lighting can help you look more professional. More than likely, you will be filming indoors. If you are, think about where the natural light is. Try to have natural light coming towards you and not hitting the camera lens; the easiest way to achieve this effect is to sit facing a window. If you have additional lights within your home (like a bright lamp or even a ring light), you can bring them around the camera, which can help you to look even more professional. Be weary of shadows as well as what is behind you within the video. A plain background works well, or if you have a desk or a professional background, you could also use that setting.

Look Professional

It’s important that you look professional during your video resume. Would you show up for an interview in sweatpants? Then don’t film your resume dressed that way! Dress just as you would for a professional interview. Some great work clothes are a solid investment. Grooming your hair and wearing makeup if you so choose can be excellent moves as well.

Have a Call to Action

What should the hiring manager do once they see your video resume? This is where you tell them! You want your call-to-action to be clear and direct. Let the hiring manager know that you not only want to proceed to the next step, but you feel that you’re qualified enough to justify extra action. Share your contact information, including your phone number and email (and maybe even your LinkedIn profile). All in all, express your enthusiasm for the position and the eagerness you have to discuss your qualifications with the hiring manager.

To truly help you make the best video resume, consider using a video resume platform. If you need assistance, LiveResuMe! is here to help! Check out more right on our website or contact us today!